Brian and Christina Hagan have been practicing massage and supporting others in their health journey since 2004.

Brian was the official massage therapist for the Carolina Hurricanes between 2007-2013. He currently works with the North Carolina State Track and Field team and sees many professional and semi-professional athletes.  Brian is the host of “Healthy Pre-retires” where he offers support and education for a healthy and pain free retirement!

Christina is a Fully Certified CARE Instructor and teaches the Raindrop Technique nationally. She is trained in Lymph Drainage by The Chikly Health Institute and The Academy of Lymphatic Studies and works with athletes, post-surgery clients and clients with compromised lymph systems.  Christina is host of “HealthySteps for Moms”, where moms gather to learn and share tips and tools to support their wellness journey.

The different techniques they practice are a perfect complement for many of their clients.

If you are concerned, frustrated and worried about what your picky eater is or is not eating, then this is the group for you!

We are a group of Moms and Dads who feel that the more involved your kiddo is in the process of planning or creating a meal, the higher the chances are that they will eat actually it!  Not only do we share how to get your Picky Eater involved in creating meals, but we also have some health tips and info!  Each week we’ll have a food or ingredient to focus on along with a kid friend recipe.  We’ll show you how to get your kiddo involved in making that recipe!   Join the conversation here!  Moms and Dads of Picky Eaters FB Group

Get your Picky Eater involved in Meal Prep right away!   Learn how to teach your kiddo to slice and get a FREE cookbook!

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