Why Reducing Toxins or “Ick” = Weight Loss

An easy way to reduce the “ick” is to make your own yummy…!

One way to be more healthy is to reduce the number of toxins and man made molecules in our body. Why? Because when you reduce toxins and man made molecules that are currently in your body or being added to it you will
1. Have less tax on body, liver and kidneys.
2. Your body will need less fat cells

What?? Less fat cells? What are you talking about Christina?

Can you believe that your body doesn’t know what to do with many of the toxins, man made molecules or “ick”, as they are added to your body. It is kind of like me and my kitchen drawer. I bet you have one too. I end up with stuff in the house that I’m not sure what to do with, – do I throw out or keep it? In my indecision, I toss it in the kitchen drawer of “stuff”. This is the drawer of stuff that I will “deal with later”. Yeah, you know how that goes, later is never….

So our bodies do the same thing with molecules it does not recognize. Your body tosses these molecules in the “kitchen drawer” or fat cell to deal with later, which is really never because there is so much other stuff to do! So when that fat cells gets full, well it has another one and another one and another one available!

If you have a goal of weight loss, then along with exercise, you must also reduce the toxins in your body and reduce the toxins you are adding to your body. As those fat cells get empty, they get smaller and your body doesn’t need them anymore. We see this is inch or weight loss!

A natural “side effect” of reducing toxins or icky molecules in your body is weight or in loss!

What I get so jazzed about is that I have great ways to reduce the toxins currently in your body and I have lots of ways to reduce the toxins you are adding to your body!

You have a lot of control over what you add to your body. The trick is knowing what is the good stuff and what is the bad stuff, right!! Ok, so I can help you there too :). Lets get started.

When you buy processed foods from the store there is going to be a certain amount of man made molecules, toxins or “ick” contained in them. Sure, some food will have more of these molecules than others and some will be more harmful and unhealthy than others. But the more we can make at home, the more control we will have in what goes in our foods and what goes in our bodies! Makes perfect sense!

It seems to be a common theme that when people want to be more healthy or loose weight they start eating more salads. You’ve noticed that too, I’m sure. It hurts my heart when someone sits down with a salad announcing they are “eating more healthy!” and then they pull out a store bought salad dressing that contains preservatives, sugar, unhealthy oil and other “ick” molecules.

So let me show you a super easy recipe so you can make your own salad dressings! Not only is it crazy easy, saves you money, tastes great, gives you healthy fatty oils, but it also give you control of what you put in there – so it will not contain any man made “icky” molecules!!

What you need:

An oil
Make sure it is a good quality, organic oil. I love avocado or grape seed because these oils are good for high heat cooking which means they are more stable and will not go rancid on the store shelves. Grape seed oil has high levels of vitamin E, supports the immune system and increases the blood circulation.  Avocado has high levels of vitamin E, has been shown to reduce inflammation and boosts nutrient absorption of certain good molecules.

I’m not such a fan of olive oil any more because it is delicate. Most of the healthy molecules in olive oil are not active anymore when we get it home from the store. Olive oil is also notorious for being cut with other cheaper oils.

An acid/vinegar
There are many to choose from, so have fun! Again get a good quality one. White wine vinegar is smoother, apple cider can be sweeter, lemon juice is tasty too, and of course there is Balsamic vinegar. When you get Balsamic make sure it is not colored from caramel color. I really need to try rice vinegar and coconut vinegar! Do you have any favorites I didn’t mention?

Yummies to add
Now you can play and make it fun. You can add fresh herbs from the garden or dried herbs. I love adding parmesan cheese. Can’t forget to add some pepper, maybe salt.

If I don’t have fresh herbs I will add a tiny bit of essential oil. With your first try at adding essential oil, just put a toothpick in the essential oil and swirl that around in your dressing. Add from there. You most likely will not be adding more than 1 drop of essential oil. Also, make sure the bottle says that is for internal consumption!

Basic recipe:
3 oils to 1 vinegar.
For a family of 3 I usually make 9 tablespoons of oil to 3 tablespoons of acid/vinegar.
Then you can add the yummies that would complement your salad or meal.

What did you add?
You can tell my salad dressing tends to be lean towards the Mediterranean or Italian taste. That is my background and what I grew up with. We’d all love to learn what spices and yummies you add to your basic salad dressing.

Keep it in fridge and add to it later
If you don’t use it all at one meal, don’t throw it out! Just put it in your fridge and add to it later. It keeps forever and this gives time for the flavors to mingle.

If you tried this – let us know your thoughts!
How easy and delicious was it? What spices and yummies did you add?

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