Ditch the Dryer Sheets – Bring on Dryer Balls!

If you are on a path to be more healthy, loose weight or cleanse then you should think about taking steps to reduce the amount of toxins that enter your body.  Why add more when you are working hard to remove what you already have!  Making small changes like this will not only help you, but those in your family will benefit too!

In this video I’ll share why dryer sheets are not so great!  I’ll give you a simple and cost effective non-toxic alternative to replace dryer sheets.

If you are adding essential oils to your dryer ball, make sure they are essential oils that are not diluted with base oil.  The base oil will stain your dryer balls.  A pure essential oil will be easily absorbed into the wool without staining of the ball or your clothes!


This is a great choice for dryer balls!

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