Feet Health

Welcome, I am Brian Hagan with HealthySteps.  This video is on self care for the feet. Your feet are the very foundation of your body, and can have a positive or negative affect on your over all health.  Please feel free to give us feedback.  Also check out the information on our Facebook Group below. Designed to get you healthy, well, and active way before you retire.

We have started Facebook Group called Healthy Pre-Retirees . Its focus is to help people move toward a healthier and more active lifestyle “before they” retire, through educate, support and dialog.  If you want to take control of your health and wellness and be able to truly enjoy an active lifestyle before you retire then come join us so that we can work together to achieve that goal. 

If you would like our FREE video explaining in a simple way why your getting so tight, stiff, and sore as you age,  fill out the form on the left.  Included in the video is a easy technique to start loosening tight muscles of the back.  This technique has help many of my clients start getting more flexibility in their backs.

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