Sprouting Beans

This is a crazy simple way to increase the nutritional value of beans a ton while decreasing the “gas” value!

When it comes to beans we can buy them from a can or we can get them dried and then cook them to make them soft again.

I used to cook a ton at one time with the slow cooker, put them in caning jars and then freeze them.  Doing this was great because I could grab a jar of beans anytime and defrost them fast.  This also filled up my freezer and we only at one kind of bean for a long time…  My Picky Eater got sick of those beans!

Then I read about the importance of sprouting beans, so I had to give it a try!

Here are the scoop on why you may want to consider giving sprouting a try!

  • A bean is basically a seed with the potential to grow into a plant. The bean is the food for the baby plant, so it is full of good nutrition for a baby plant and for us too.
  • The bean contains enzyme inhibitors to stop the germinating process until the environment is good for growing.
  • If we eat these beans before they germinate we are eating these enzyme inhibitors which are inhibiting or stopping our digestive enzymes – that reduce digestion in our digestive tract.
  • When we sprout a bean, we are giving the “all go” sign to stop the enzyme inhibitors and start the growing process.
  • When we sprout beans, complex sugars responsible for intestinal gas are broken down during sprouting – reducing the possibility of getting gas when you eat beans!!
  • This then changes the composition of the seed in many beneficial ways.
    • Increases Vitamin C content
    • Increases B vitamins, specially B2, B5 and B6.
    • Increases carotene
    • Increases enzyme activity that helps our digestion! (sometimes as much as 6X)

It is easy to sprout! I like it because I can vary the beans we are eating easily.
I can have 2 jars sprouting at a time but at different stages of sprouting so I can add beans or sprouted grains every few days.

After they sprout, you can put them in your fridge and use them the next day.

To sprout you need:
+ Canning jar
+ Screened top
+ Dried beans
+ Water
+ Time

This is something you can include your kiddos in very easily! They can be in charge of rinsing the beans and seeing when they sprout.
What a fantastic teachable moment it is too! Homeschoolers, this can be a great branch off to many learning opportunities!

You simply need to
+ Fill your jar up 1/3 with dried beans
+ Fill the remaining 2/3 jar with water
+ Let it soak over night
+ In the morning, drain the water
+ Daily rinse the beans in the morning and at night
+ Keep it up at and angle so the water drains and oxygen can get in the jar
+ Do this for 3-4 days until the sprout
+ Cook by simmering for 1-2 hours before eating
+ Enjoy!!

I was impatient the first time I did this and only had time to cook the beans for 1 hour after sprouting.  They were still crunchy, but we didn’t have ANY gas at all!  They tasted great and I’m excited to sprout some more! 

Now we can have different types of beans during the week that are full of crazy nutrition.

To make it easy to sprout, I’ve purchased a simple sprouting kit (see below).  This will make life SO much easier, as the cheese cloth I used will not stay soggy and stink and the jar will not slide while trying to keep it at an angle.

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