Simple Lice Prevention

Oh no!  Every parent knows that itchy feeling you get when you receive that “the classroom has lice” letter from school.

After having a grand lice battle a few years ago – we have learn to be pro-active when spring comes around and have not had any problems even when we get “The Letter”.

My big “ah-ha” came about as I was elbow deep in chemical killer hair shampoos, wrestling with a three year old while trying to gently remove tiny little eggs with a tweezers from her hair.

If you have been there – you know exactly the hell I’m talking about.  If you have not – goodness how lucky you are!

So during the battle, I was trying a lot of things because that expensive chemical shampoo that came with a list of warnings and made us both cry when I put it on her sweet little head – DID NOT WORK!  Sure it killed most of them… but we dealt with these little itchy guys for over a week – one shampoo did not do it as the bottle had promised me. (Even with washing linens and stuffed animals and….)

What I found worked so well when we were dealing with the hardy souls that survived the chemical onslaught was apple cider vinegar!  Yup – something so simple and good for us finished the job.

So that lead me to our Preventative Plan.  Once spring hits, we start to rinse our hair with a mixture of apple cider vinegar, essential oil (tea tree or rosemary) and water.  The beauty of the apple cider vinegar is that it breaks down the glue that the buggers use to attach the egg to the hair.  Simply rinsing regularly with apple cider vinegar helps to remove a sticky hitch hiker.  The essential oil is an aroma they don’t care for – so I’m hoping it keeps any away.

If we get “the letter” then I’ll go one step further.  We’ll comb through the hair with that tiny nit comb.  I’ll rinse the comb off between strokes in another cup of apple cider vinegar (no water added).

Apple Cider Vinegar has lots of benefits besides helping those eggs come loose.  It makes your hair “princess shiny and soft”, helps remove dandruff, and eases itching.  And it doesn’t cause any health issues as stated on the chemical gunk we used years ago!

Hope this is helpful for another parent who gets “The Letter” from school and eliminates the need for a dramatic buggy war!  Let me know if you use our tip!

Simple Lice Prevention
1/2 cup Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
2-3 drops of Rosemary or Tea Tree Essential oil
3 cups of water (warm water feels much better than cold!)

Wash hair with your usual shampoo and then rinse with the mixture above.
Rinse out your hair.
You can also go through wet hair with the nit comb
Repeat at least once a week during lice season.

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