Why should I sit on a softball?

The softball is a great tool for the glutes and the muscles deep under them

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Today we are going to talk about using a soft ball for self care of our muscle. The reason for the softball is that there are three muscle groups that the foam roller just can’t get deep enough. They are the gluteals specifically Gluteus Maximus (Rear end) Deep lateral rotators and the Hamstrings. The foam roller can’t get deep enough because its flat and these muscles are big and deep. SO we use a softball.
Today we will cover the Gluteal maximus and the lateral rotators

We are going to be working the area between the sacrum, The greater trochanter of the femur, and the sit bone. Now you are not rolling over the bone but you will need to roll right up against them.

To start you will sit with one glute cheek on the softball and that leg will be straight. The other leg is bent with the knee up.

This is the beginning position. Now you just roll over the glute muscle make sure you are getting along side the bony part of the leg bone (Femur)
and the sacrum, and the sit bone

This may be fairly tinder for some people. You can use you bent leg to take some of the load of and that will help. Remember the deeper you go the better.

In time it will be less tinder and you will need to go deeper to do that you will need to pull you straight leg in toward the center of you body which will add more weight onto the softball.

Eventually you will be able to lift both legs up and only be sitting on the softball. This may take some time but you will get there and you need to get there.

Throughout doing this you can add movement into this by moving your leg up and down and side to side. Movement and compression is always good for breaking up muscle.