4 Tips for Summer Ready Skin

Summer is right around the corner!   We’ll be showing more of our skin than we did in the sweater weather winter months!

Here are 4 simple tips to get your skin summer ready!  Do these 4 tips for one month, and you’ll have smooth, baby soft skin ready for shorts and t-shirts!!

Links that I mentioned:

  1. The pictures of the lady who drank 3 liters of water a day for 28 day – what a transformation!!
  2. A video on how to Dry or Skin Brush and downloadable chart.

No More Yeast Infections!

Ladies, if you can believe it – we were not meant to have yeast infections!

Just because you are a female does not automatically mean that you need to be dealing with the uncomfortable itching, the creams, the doctor visit that go along with these infections.


Start here to do a bit of research to learn how your gut health is creating these annoying infections and what you can do to get rid of them!!

How to Make Yogurt at Home

Why would you want to make yogurt at home – you can easily pick some up at the grocery store!
I like to make it at home because it is SO easy, saves me money, reduces my family’s sugar intake and supports their gut health.  We get good fats by using grass fed milk and we eliminate stuff like stabilizers, thickeners, etc which is used to increase shelf life. 

We get to eat just pure, good for you yogurt!

So, making your own yogurt is an easy way to cook for your family and know you are giving them GOOD food to support their health.

If you want to make it sweeter, you can add honey or maple syrup and some fruit!  Oh so yummy… it only take 12 hours… 🙂

What do Your Sugar Cravings Mean?

Sugar cravings can be caused by wacky hormones and by candida overgrowth.  I was surprised to learn about how many indicators there are for candida overgrowth (besides digging in your kitchen cabinets for something sweet to eat four times in twenty minutes like I was…).

Not surprisingly, yeast infections was a sign that you may have candida overgrowth, but so was itchy ears, toe nail fungus and athletes foot.

Some other surprising indicators were severe seasonal allergies, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis and more!

In this 5 minute video, learn what other health issues may be related to candida overgrowth and what can cause candida overgrowth.

Sugar Messes with Your Hormones!

After I found myself digging through the kitchen cabinets (for the third time in 20 minutes), looking for somethings sweet – I realized I had some serious sugar cravings. That was the day that I decided I needed to learn WHY I had a strong craving for sweet.

Well, not only did I find out why my sugar cravings were getting out of control, but I also found out that my sugar addiction was causing blood sugar spikes which really plays havoc on my body.  I’ll share what I learned in this 8 minute video.

A Healthy Gut = A Healthy Body!

I’ve just started to jump into learning about gut health – but it is SO fascinating to me!  Our microbiome is really our invisible shield protecting us from evil!  These little guys, don’t get the appreciation they deserve – so as I learn more about our amazing microbiome, I’ll share it with you!

But how is this for starters…

  • It is estimated that 1-2% of your body mass is bacteria!
  • Bacteria in your gut sends calming messages to your immune system. The human body has evolved to expect this communication. Without it, immune cells become too aggressive and attack the wrong things.
  • Bacteria actually protect the lining of your stomach and colon.

Join me as I share some more cool info about the bacteria in your body and how it keeps you healthy!!


How to make an Essential Oil Inhaler

(Updated Feb, 2018)

If you are an old hat at essential oils or you are a new user – you need to be making essential oil inhalers!  They are easy to make, affordable and use every molecule in that drop of essential oil!

In this short video I’ll share

  • the benefits to essential oil inhalers.
  • the pros and cons of both the old plastic inhalers and the new glass and metal ones.
  • how to put each type of inhaler together.

Let me know if this has been a helpful video – I love to get comments on how these videos supported your healthy steps!

These are the inhalers that we have tried and like.

How to Dry or Skin Brush

Dry or Skin Brushing is a simple tool that you can add to your day to support your general health. There are many benefits to Dry Brushing some are,
Dry Brushing…
    •    Stimulates the lymph system
    •    Supports the immune system
    •    Reduces the appearance of cellulite
    •    Gives a light exfoliation for softer skin
    •    Tightens skin
    •    Supports detoxification

The suggestions given in this first video is for those with a healthy lymph system.  I’ll share in another video how to dry brush when you have a compromised lymph system.

Download  Dry Brushing Directions

These are good and affordable dry brushes.


Why Therapeutic Massage

When people ask me how can massage help me or does massage really improve sport performance. I tell them to imagine wearing the tightest clothes they could possible put on and go to work, run around the block, play a sport or work around the house. how do you think your body would feel at the end of the day? That’s what your muscles feel like. What the chances that you would end up tearing your breeches or shirt during the day? Watch this video to get a better idea of why your muscle are like tight clothes.


Neti Pot + Essential Oils = Sinus Support

Sinus congestion?  This might be of help!

You may be way more familiar with Neti Pot use than I am, I’m just learning.  Honestly the idea made me make a face like this sweet kid.  

Last winter I was dealing with some congested sinuses so I gathered up my courage and gave it a try.  Well, I found that the neti pot really does do a great job at cleaning out those stuffy sinuses. 

I was curious though, would adding essential oil to my neti pot help clear out my sinuses even  more and offer respiratory support?

I was a bit anxious the first time I added essential oils to my neti pot. 
Was it going to burn or sting? 
It didn’t, and it offered me even more relief.  Yahoo!!

Important tips on how to add essential oils to a neti pot!

  • Follow the directions that came with the neti pot.
  • Drop in the correct amount of salt mixture.
  • Add one drop (or two if it comes out) of essential oil into the salt.
  • Then add the water and mix it all up
  • Go and “neti!”

I’ve used Eucalyptus globulus, Myrtle or Eucalyptus Blue – really whatever sinus oil that seems to fit at that time.

If you give it a try – let me know your results 

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