Help for swollen hands and fingers.

Do you often end the day with swollen fingers?  If you have not had any lymph nodes removed or damage, the culprit could be your muscles.  I'll share what you could do to help reduce that swelling.



This video is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe, it is for educational purposes only!

I have been practicing Manual Lymph Drainage for the past 10 years.  I'd like to share one of the reasons some of our clients experience swelling in their hands and fingers and how they have been helped.

Lymph vessels are a collection of tubes that carry the lymph throughout the body.  The lymph carries the “garbage” your cells don’t need anymore.

On the top of the arms, the lymph flows up and over the shoulder to the collar bone, toward the clavicular notch.

The lymph vessels on the bottom of the arm travels to the nodes in the underarm, then towards the clavicular notch.

What I have found, for people that do not have a reason why their fingers should be swelling is that there is a blockage somewhere in their arm or upper chest.

Very often that blockage is caused by tight muscles, restricting the flow of the lymph drainage.

One of the first thing to consider is the tightness of the deltoids, traps, pecs or scalene muscles. If any of those are very tight and tender, they could possibly be restricting the flow of the lymph, causing your fingers to swell.

Often people who spend a lot of time on a computer, phone or have poor posture find that these muscles are very tight!

To help reduce the muscle tightness, consider working with someone who has training in NeuroMuscular massage.  I'm not talking about  relaxation massage here!  But specific massage and stretching of these muscles could help relax those muscles and allow the lymph to flow again.

Try Moving That Lymph Yourself with a Simple Self Care Technique.

Hook your fingers over collar bone or clavicle. Pull your skin down center, towards the clavicular notch.  Repeat around 10X.

The trick is to not let go of your skin, you need to pull it!

If you have long fingernails, then cross your hands and put the palms on the skin just above your collar bones and pull parallel to the clavicles towards the notch.

If you are dealing with some congestion in your ears of sinuses you may feel “tugging” in them.

The Next Area to Work On

You will do the same "skin pulling" with the palms of your hand to the inside elbows.  You are pulling the skin up towards your underarm.

Then, follow with working the clavicles again.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.  If you tried this and it gave you some relief, I'd love to know!


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