The Bulletproof Diet, by Dave Asprey: Review

I’ve been hearing about “butter coffee” for a while now.  It never sounded like a good recipe idea to me.

I figured drinking that much butter would make my stomach hurt. I just didn’t get it.

I really can’t give a good reason why I added this book to my Amazon shopping cart one day. It was not the book I was looking for.  Call it “destiny or fate”, but that is how it ended up in my hands with me reading it at lunch.

This book is Dave’s story of how he changed from being an overweight, foggy-brained, stressed out guy who was eating unhealthy foods to a fit, clear headed, focused guy by “hacking” how his body reacts to different foods. This book is about the outcome of his years researching, testing and experimenting. He was the main guinea pig in all this experiments. It is through his research on his body, he developed this diet

In reading his book I can see that he is a very intelligent guy.  I can tell that when he grabs a hold of an idea he explores it fully until he is satisfied with the results. He shares in his book about the tons of tests he had done on his body, he even tested his bowel movements as part of his research. He sleeps with 2 sleep tracking devices and can tell you how long he slept on average for the past 456 days to the minute! He is extremely detailed in his research and reporting, (you might even use the term obsessive). My guess is that his wife is a saint to put up with all his tests!

As I was reading this book, the sentence that stood out to me and made me grab my highlighter was “If we are not eating good fats we are starving our brains”.

Just one of the many things I learned from reading this book is that fats build brain cells. The human brain is nearly 60 percent fat. It is Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) that build the brain, and these can not be manufactured by the body. They must be part of our food source. So that is where the “butter coffee” or the “Bulletproof Coffee” comes in.

I tried that Bullet Proof Coffee, and you know what? I loved it, and so does Brian! We both feel a difference drinking that coffee. We have clear thinking, focused mind and I’m not hungry for lunch at least 6 or more hours after breakfast.

To top if off, the Bullet Proof Coffee recipe tastes fantastic! It is like a cappuccino from your local coffee shop and it doesn’t make my tummy hurt at all with all that butter.  Yup, I will be spending the extra money to buy grass fed organic butter from now on for my Bullet Proof Coffee in the morning.

There are quite a few other “hacks” in this book.

Other chapters discuss and then give detailed recommendations for salt intake, better sleep, probiotics, weight loss, supplements, toxins in foods, good, better and best veggies to eat and how to cook them. 

Honestly we have not tried ALL the recommendations in the Bullet Proof Diet yet, but the ones we have tried – we have felt an immediate difference in our focus, energy and how our body feels. We certainly will be adding more Bullet Proof hacks to our day bit by bit.


My Rating for this — is a 5/5.

  • I appreciate all the education I gained about how food and my body work together.
The Hacks that are recommended (and we have tried) have had an immediate positive affect.
  • It is well written and a comfortable read. I don’t feel like he is talking down to me or talking over my head. I enjoyed reading it.
  • It is a great resource that I’ll be using often. This is one book that will not collect a lot of dust on my self.


You might want to get this book if you:

  • Want to loose weight in a healthy manner
  • Simply want to eat more healthy
  • Like adding to your health knowledge.
  • Are open to going against the norm and do crazy things like drinking lots of butter and eat lots of healthy salt.
  • Are looking for natural ways to increase focus and attention.
  • Want a good reason to eat a lot of bacon!


I hope this review was helpful for you!

Comment below if reading this review has affect your decision to buy this book or not.

Let us know too if you have read this book and what your thoughts and experiences are.


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Getting Out of the Carb Trap

A question from one of our Healthy Moms was how to eat less carbs, because once she starts – she can’t stop! I totally understand what she means.

I’m going to share a little of what I’ve learned on how to get out of the carb trap. But first, lets explore what a carb is! Then lets determine what makes a carb a “good” carb or a “bad” carb.

When most people here the word “carbs or carbohydrates” they picture bread and pasta. But carbohydrates are also contained in fruit, veggies, legumes and grains.

Simply put, carbs are large molecules made out of smaller glucose or sugar molecules. That is why on the Nutrition Facts on our packaged foods you’ll see Sugar content under Carbohydrates.

Some carbs break down into sugar fast, and other carbs take a while to break down into sugar. It depends on how big the molecule is.

Another part of the carb story is fiber. The amount of fiber in a food determines how fast a carb breaks down into its sugar molecules and how fast we absorb the sugar. The more fiber, the slower it will break down and the slower we absorb it.

The Good and the Bad Carbs

The carbs we want to reduce or eliminate in our diet is the bad carbs or refined carbs. These carbs are from refined white flour and high fructose corn syrup. You’ll find those in chips, soft white bread, muffins, doughnuts and pasta.

These refined carbs break down into sugar super fast. What this does, is shoots up our blood sugar, which sets us on a sugar high. We might feel more energy, but it is only temporary energy and then we are set up for the inevitable blood sugar crash, where we feel sleepy and sluggish. This also sets us up for craving more carbs, and a wacky blood sugar is going to negatively affect our hormones.

So – eating refined carbs is not helpful for our bodies at all!

The good Carbs are those that come in the form of fruit, veggies, legumes or grains. These carbs, even though they also break down in sugar don’t break down super fast because the sugar molecule is bigger and because of the extra fiber.

The fiber found in foods is fantastic for us because not only does it slow down the absorption of sugar, but the fiber helps us to feel more full, it adds fiber to our colon to make things move like they should

When you are eating fruits, veggies, legumes and grains you also are getting the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and all the other good stuff contained in the fruit or veggie.

So why is it SO hard sometimes to make those good choices and go for the healthy apple vs the bag of chips???

I’m not a doctor – but here are my thoughts and experiences on why it is hard to choose the good stuff…

I read that sugar is even more addictive than cocaine! So not only is the high carb food turning into sugar after we eat it, we also add sugar to recipe and then we may add sugar on top of it!! Yikes! We are turning into sugar addicts.

The high intake of sugar makes our blood sugar spike, which leads to that dip, which leads to more cravings. We unknowing put ourselves on a blood sugar roller coaster.

Chips have been created to make us want MORE! Who has not found themselves digging into a bag of chips for just a handful and then you find you can’t stop eating them. Companies that produce these chips have done a TON of study on us and chips and what we like to eat. They have researched how crispy a chip should be so that we get a great crunch without it being too crunchy or too soft. It is called “mouth feel”.

The other reason why we crave and over indulge with those refined carbs is because the yeast in our bodies thrive on it! And if we have yeast overgrowth in our bodies – which over 80% of the population does – then those cravings we are having are not us having those cravings – it is the yeast!!! And I can attest to that 100%! When you reduce the yeast – you reduce your cravings!!!

So between the chip companies being very successful at making chips that we can not eat just one…. the blood sugar roller coaster….. the sugar addiction and the cravings from yeast overgrowth – it creates a stituation where it is very hard to get out of the carb trap.

Now that you know what causes the carb trap – I hope it helps you understand how you can start to get out of it.

Here are some tips:

  • Don’t even go near a bag of chips or sweets when you are hungry. Instead grab an apple, pear, carrot or celery. You’ll get that crunch, it will help stop you from getting the blood sugar spike, and will fill you up until your real nutritious meal is ready for you.When you have chips or something sweet – always pair it with a good fat or lots of fiber.
  • Chips – only have them with salsa or hummus or guacamole
  • Sweets – have them only after a hearty meal with protein to slow down the absorption of sugar. It will be easier to have just one portion because you’ll be full.
  • Bread – pair them with good fats or protein to slow down the absorption of sugar. Think of the Italians, dipping bread in olive oil or put real butter on your bread or enjoy it with cheese.
    Also have WHOLE GRAIN bread, not soft white bread. Whole great takes more time to break down because of the extra fiber.
  • Pasta – be a good Italian and cook your pasta al dente, which is on the harder side. Your body has more work to do to break down that pasta then when it is cooked soft. Have it with protein and fat, meat balls and cheese!

My daughter loves goldfish crackers and cereal too. I follow the same rules with my daughter that I follow.

When it comes to your kids, look at what snacks you are giving them.  I’m always surprised when I see kids at school eating candy bars or fruit chews as their snack, those things are nothing but sugar!

Goldfish and crackers snacks are treats she enjoys, but she eats the carrots or fennel first and then she can have a handful of goldfish.

My girl loves cereal too, but she either needs to add a hearty protein to the cereal or have a protein first. If I make a protein smoothie for breakfast that is what she adds to her cereal instead of almond milk. She also might use plain yogurt instead of almond milk and then add some fruit and a little honey or maple syrup. Sometime she will choose to have a protein before a bowl of cereal.  So then she will have an egg or avocado first and then she can have her cereal (which of course is low sugar and dye free!).

I went over what carbs are, what makes a carb a good guy or a bad guy and how they affect our bodies. I also shared a few tips on how I control my carb intake for myself and my little one.

I hope these Healthy Tips help you on your wellness journey too!

If you use a tip, I’d love to hear how it supported you. If you have any questions – please ask away!


Sugar Messes with Your Hormones!

After I found myself digging through the kitchen cabinets (for the third time in 20 minutes), looking for somethings sweet – I realized I had some serious sugar cravings. That was the day that I decided I needed to learn WHY I had a strong craving for sweet.

Well, not only did I find out why my sugar cravings were getting out of control, but I also found out that my sugar addiction was causing blood sugar spikes which really plays havoc on my body.  I’ll share what I learned in this 8 minute video.

How to Dry or Skin Brush

Dry or Skin Brushing is a simple tool that you can add to your day to support your general health. There are many benefits to Dry Brushing some are,
Dry Brushing…
    •    Stimulates the lymph system
    •    Supports the immune system
    •    Reduces the appearance of cellulite
    •    Gives a light exfoliation for softer skin
    •    Tightens skin
    •    Supports detoxification

The suggestions given in this first video is for those with a healthy lymph system.  I’ll share in another video how to dry brush when you have a compromised lymph system.

Download  Dry Brushing Directions

These are good and affordable dry brushes.