Emotional Release (5CEs, $170):

Clinical research shows that traumatic experiences are stored on a cellular level and have profound effects on one’s emotions and the physical state of the body.  The Emotional Release Technique uses essential oil formulas created for their unique ability to:

  • Balance energies in the body and open the subconscious mind.

  • Promote emotional release of negative stored memories.

  • Program the mind with positive beliefs.

During this class you will learn how to support a client if they experience an emotional release during Raindrop or during any wellness session.  An experiential class too, students will acquire an understanding of how they may be able to use essential oils to facilitate clearing of negative emotional patterns for themselves.  You can then share textbooks, oils and methods to help your clients and family to do their own clearing of negative emotional patterns.  Though you will see a demonstration of a facilitated emotional release session, this class is an introduction and not intended as a certification for practicing facilitated emotional release.

This is one class offered during a Full C.A.R.E. Intensive.  You may attend just one class, a few classes or bundle and save by attending the full 25 hour training.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

Participants of a C.A.R.E. Emotional Release Class will be able to:

  • Explain how emotional and spiritual issues manifest as disease.
  • Articulate how oils can physiologically awaken forgotten traumas sleeping in our tissues.
  • Act in an appropriate way if a spontaneous emotional release is triggered during Raindrop.
  • List books on how emotions underlie physical disease and how to resolve them.
  • Name specific oils or groups of oils suited for emotional releasing.
  • Identify and locate specific trigger points to apply oils for releasing emotional patterns.
  • Apply a special script to use for self-releasing.
  • Be introduced to a basic procedure for facilitating an emotional release on another person.