History of Anointing (2 hours, $40)

Originally called “Oils of the Bible”, this is a fantastic Essential Oils 101 class.  We use the bible as a reference to research how essential oils were used in biblical times for emotional and physical healing and how we can use those same oils today for our wellness needs.  A fun and experiential class where you’ll be able to smell and taste many oils that are discussed.  A great way to literally “get your feet wet” with practical essential oil use for your home and office.

This class is part of a Full C.A.R.E. Intensive.  You can attend just this class, a few classes offered during this Intensive, or you can attend the full 3 day training.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

Participants in the C.A.R.E. Oils of Ancient Scripture class will be able to:

  • Name some of the principal oils of the Bible and how they were used.
  • Give a physiological explanation of why essential oils produce emotional responses and how that relates to healing.
  • Discuss how and why anointing with scented oils was done in Biblical time for both spiritual and physical purposes.
  • Explain how Romans of Biblical times used oils to stimulate their soldiers to be courageous.
  • Contrast how essential oils differ from modern medicines in their therapeutic actions and how Moses used oils to stop the plague.
  • Describe how the oils experienced in class were used in ancient times, including how King Solomon used the fragrance of cedarwood.
  • Discuss how aromatic oils played a role throughout the life of Jesus and how his disciples used oils for healing.
  • Express practical knowledge on how to apply the Oils of Scripture for themselves and their families.