We love healthy tips, eating yummy healthy food and spending time together as a family!  When our little one changed overnight from the kid who would eat anything to the kid who refused to eat, we realized we had to get creative.  I knew from my experience as a teacher that when kids get involved with planning, prepping and cooking their meals, the likelihood that they would eat that meal greatly increased!  So, that is just what we did.  Our daughter, turned "Picky Eater" had been involved some in shopping and cooking before, but now we took steps to get her even more involved.

As I talked with other moms who were on a path to get more healthy, a common comment I heard was, "I know how to cook healthy, but my kid will not eat it."  That was the start of Moms and Dads of Picky Eaters.

The first step to helping your little one get involved in the prep of a meal is to teach them how to slice.  Moms and Dads are understandably anxious when showing their kids how to cut, for fear their kids will "cut off a finger".   To help you with that, we made a short video to coach you on how to teach your Picky Eater how to slice safely.  I'm happy to send you that video and the FREE "I Can Slice a Banana Cookbook" that we created!  This will give you kids friendly recipes that you and your Picky Eater can follow and enjoy together. 

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The topic for this week was MSG, which is a hidden ingredient in frozen chicken fingers and nuggets.  In the first FB Live I'll share some health info that relates to our recipe.  In the second video you are welcome to join us in cooking healthy, yummy and crunchy chicken fingers!  You'll see tips on how your picky eater can get involved in the cooking!