April's New Client "Spring Cleaning" Special

Are you thinking about loosing some inches in preparation for bathing suite season? I have a new client “Spring Cleaning” special for the month of April that may help you with that goal!

I’ll make sure to give you the details, but first let me tell you why I’m calling it “Spring Cleaning!”



To get the best outcome for your weight loss efforts you want to make sure you support your lymph system!

Your lymph system has a lot of jobs; it is part of your immune system, it helps deliver nutrients to cells and it helps remove the “garbage” given off from your cells.

Did you know that the more toxins your body is holding on to, the more fat cells your body will create in order to store those toxins?

So, If your goal is weight loss, something that will help that goal is to clear out the toxins from your fat cells.

And also… the more toxins you remove from your body, the faster your body decides it doesn’t need those fats cells anymore.

Since the lymph system has the job of removing those toxins being cleared out from your cells, it makes sense that the better your lymph system is working, the easier and faster it will be for your body to eliminate those toxins. 

As those toxins are released from your fat cells, your body no longer needs so much fat and it releases the the fat too.

Can you guess what system will play a roll in getting rid of that unnecessary fat?  You guessed, it, again we look at the lymph system to remove that extra fat.

So you can see activating, supporting and optimizing your lymph system is going to go a long way in helping you with your weight loss goals!

3 things that you can do daily to support your lymph system at home:

  • drink lots of clean, clear water! (no caffeine, sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors or alcohol)
  • Walk, swim, run, any type of exercise (muscle movement helps to make our lymph system work)
  • Dry brush.  Dry brushing is a 5 min self care tool that stimulates the lymph system, you can do it daily. (You can see a How to Dry brush video here)

Something else that can help your lymph system is Manual Lymph Drainage.

Manual Lymph Drainage, also known as MLD is a technique that I’ve been offering to clients for over 10 years. This is relaxing and gentle hands on technique that simply helps your lymph system do what it is meant to do, which is to remove toxins, cells, microbes and “garbage” from our body.

MLD is a non invasive technique that not only activates but optimizes your lymph system to support you in any of your health goals, but especially in your weight loss and detoxing goals.

If you would like to try MLD, we are offering a  “Spring Cleaning Your Lymph” Special for the month of April! If you would like to receive our "Spring Cleaning Your Lymph" coupon, just send HealthySteps an Intstant Message on FB  and use the code word “Spring Cleaning!” We will send you the new client special!